Hey there.

This ☝️ is Mt. Tamalpais

It's where I'm from.

I was born in Boston. Then moved to Mill Valley.

High school at Tam High. College at Emory in Atlanta.

Currently living in New York City.


🚀 I'm the Co-Founder of BlockWorks Group, currently running the revenue side of the business. In May 2018, Michael Ippolito and I launched BlockWorks Group. We’re a 10-person events and media startup in Brooklyn focused on creating premium quality podcasts and live conferences in the blockchain & crypto space.

A few interests.

Sales — scaling, coaching, managing, closing
Website Development — currently learning HTML, CSS, and Javascript
Economy — negative interest rates, oil wars, corporate bailouts, the Fed's endless money printer
Bitcoin — privacy, DeFi, governance, money
Storytelling — narratives are everything
Education — alternatives to traditional 4-year colleges
Media — evolution of the media industry, building media companies, subscription vs. ad model
History — american and european history of the past 500 years
Learning — learning how to learn and retain more information