Start Here 👇

  1. Read the Bitcoin Whitepaper (with annotations here)
  2. Listen to The Bull Case for Bitcoin with Anthony Pompliano and Murad Mahmudov: Podcast
  3. Bitcoin for Beginners YouTube videos with Andreas Antonopoulos
  4. Bitcoin FAQ

Then Here

  1. Why Bitcoin Matters
  2. Why Bitcoin Matters by Marc Andresseen
  3. Bitcoin 101 with Balaji Srinivasan
  4. Bitcoin is Like...
  5. Explain Bitcoin Like I’m Five
  6. a16z Crypto Investment Thesis
  7. Why decentralization matters by Chris Dixon
  8. The best explanation of why we need bitcoin in single minute.
  9. The Bullish Case for Bitcoin

Confused? Read These

  1. Nobody Understands Bitcoin (And That’s OK)
  2. Why Blockchain is Hard
  3. Why It’s Hard to “Get” Bitcoin: The Blockchain Spectrum